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As the UK’s economy grows……

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… does the workload for independent consultants like FINNbiz Consultants. I help smaller, usually technical, engineering and/or manufacturing companies to profitable growth. The process is one typical in management consultancy, although helped by my engineering and business-to-business marketing backgrounds. First, we’ve got to get to know each other and I use standard and some special diagnostic tools to help me, working with the CEO and his top teams, to understand all the detail and wrinkles of their business. Then I use a process to help the team to create their “growth dream”, their objectives for growth, and the barriers that might get in their way. But then we plan to knock down those barriers, putting tasks, peoples’ names and dates for completion of their tasks in place for regular management reviews. Then if we have the right teams, just stand back and let them pursue their growth!
Alan Finn – September 7th, 2015.

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