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The value of independent assessments of businesses

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Most businesses see the value to be obtained from an independent assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities by a trained, qualified and experienced business expert. But not all grasp at these opportunities. As the UK economy improves and the business levels rise, lifting all boats, it brings with it a much increased workload as we scramble to deal with new customers, new orders, suppliers, partners, and lots of fresh complexities, including recruiting more of the “right” people. This takes business leaders’ eyes off the ball. They glaze over in the daily growth struggle and are unable to take a step back to see their whole operations holistically and to assess their true business direction and rate of travel. This means that, although they’re standing on the bridge, they’re not steering their ships to the growth chart; they’re just reacting, minute-by-minute to the last emergency and call for action. Taking a little time out with FINNbiz Consultants to explore your business situation will reap huge benefits for your future and take a lot of stress out of your life. Call Alan Finn on 0560 313 2036 for an initial free meeting and exploratory discussion to prepare for a new, exciting phase in your personal and business life!

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